Business DisputesThere are all types of disputes that arise when you are running a business. There won’t be many that E C Legal hasn’t seen and resolved.

Insurance Companies Not Paying

Like all companies, insurance companies exist to provide a benefit to their shareholders.

For them to do this, the amounts paid out in claims must be less than the amounts received in premiums. In managing this process, there are occasions where insurance companies do not pay the correct amount to their insured policyholders. Sometimes, they don’t pay at all.

There are many reasons why this might happen.

Sometimes, the insured policyholders simply need a hand to get the right documentation to the insurance company so that the claim is able to be proved to the satisfaction of the insurer.

Sometimes there is a genuine dispute about whether the insurer is liable.
E C Legal is experienced in litigation against insurance companies. In our motor vehicle recoveries area, we take legal action against insurers virtually on a daily basis.

Some of the other areas in which we have experience are:

Fire Insurance Disputes

When our clients make a claim on their insurer for loss as a result of fire, it’s a big job to get all of the proof together to maximise the value of the claim. Usually, replacing stock and equipment lost in the fire is not so difficult but if the claim extends to loss of profit or other consequential loss, then there is sometimes resistance from the insurers.

E C Legal has access to a team of independent experts to assist this process.

Building Disputes

Building disputes can arise when our client is not happy with work done by a builder engaged by our client or when a next door neighbour conduct their building work in a way that adversely affects our clients enjoyment of their property.

In these cases, E C Legal will approach the builder or the neighbour directly but often the builder will then involve its insurance company to deal with the dispute.

Public Liability Disputes

Insurers cover their policyholders for situations when things go wrong. Often, these situations involve an event on the policyholders land which injures someone or causes loss or damage. The sort of events that the E C Legal has dealt with include animals straying from a property, falling trees and branches, noise dust and fumes causing a nuisance to neighbours etc.

As with the building disputes, E C Legal first approaches the owner of the land or whoever has caused injury, loss or damage. In most situations, that person will make a claim on their insurance and the insurer will deal with E C Legal in the resolution of the dispute.