Copyright BreachesThe internet contains a large number of copyright breaches. E C Legal can help you to protect your content.

Client Information

Software available to E C Legal scans websites randomly. The scanning process provides E C Legal with the identity of website owners whose copyright may have been breached as well as information about the offending party. Eventually, we expect that all Australian websites will be scanned.

E C Legal is currently approaching website owners across Australia (and occasionally overseas) and letting them know of these potential infringements of their intellectual property. We seek instructions and authority to make a claim against the copyright offenders on their behalf.

The standard fee proposal offered by E C Legal is on a no recovery no charge basis. Please see details below.

The benefits of engaging E C Legal for this assignment include:

Once we are engaged as your lawyers, we can provide a list of copyright infringers prior to action being commenced. This enables you to identify those to exclude e.g. you may have given permission to the infringers to use your intellectual property.

The software used by E C Legal has been developed over 15 years to make the whole process feasible. It might be possible for a potential client to identify the copyright breach themselves by using web tools to locate potential copies of your site on other sites sentence by sentence but this task requires significant time and effort which would probably make the entire process financially unviable. In addition, you would then need legal advice to determine if any of this amount to actionable copyright infringements.

E C Legal Fee Proposal

E C Legal will provide a fee proposal in writing on a no recovery no charge basis.