Debt RecoveryDebt recovery is all about maintaining a constant relationship with the debtor and finding the point where the resistance to paying is removed.

Demand Letters & Notices

Where eCollect has been engaged to do the debt recovery and prelitigation work, eCollect staff members are able to request the production of demand letters and notices on E C Legal letterhead as a part of the eCollect recovery action.

Our clients provide an authority before the commencement of any recovery action both to eCollect and to E C Legal for this to occur.

Our clients may be asked to provide a copy of any standard trading terms and conditions that they use in dealings with the customers. If permitted by the standard trading terms and conditions, the costs involved in the production and delivery of the E C Legal demand letters and notices may be sought from the debtors.

All E C Legal demand letters and notices generated as a part of the eCollect recovery action are available for viewing by our clients on the eCollect website. Clients should have a login and password provided to them at the commencement of eCollect’s engagement.

If eCollect has not been engaged to do the prelitigation work, E C Legal will almost always send out a formal demand as the first step in the debt recovery/litigation process.