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Demand Letters

E C Legal works closely with eCollect in debt recovery matters.

The eCollect software allows the eCollect staff member handling a matter to request a demand notice or letter on E C Legal letterhead. This is done as a part of the overall eCollect debt recovery process and E C Legal will seek the costs of those demand notices or letters from the debtor if circumstances permit. Otherwise, the cost of sending the notice or letter is covered by eCollect.

All demand notices and letters on E C Legal letterhead are checked and approved by an Australian Legal Practitioner before they are printed and sent.

In order for the claim to be made from debtors for recovery of the costs of collection including costs of demand letters, our clients need to provide us with their usual terms and conditions and advise us that these terms and conditions are generally in use in their business. This is done via the eCollect website which allows our clients to load their usual terms and conditions. One of our Australian Legal Practitioners reviews our client’s usual terms and conditions and decides whether or not they permit recovery of the cost of collection. If they do permit recovery of the cost of collection, then these costs are requested to be paid by the debtor.

Where we provide standard form demand letters and notices as a part of the eCollect debt recovery process and are able to recover that cost from the debtor, we charge $44.00 inc GST for each demand letter or notice sent. We see this amount is a fair allowance for the time spent in checking our clients terms and conditions; any necessary dealing with our client generally about the terms and conditions; review of the legal letter or demand and the circumstances surrounding its use as well is printing and postage.

Our legal costs for demand letters are payable by our clients only upon recovery from the debtor.