Motor Vehicle Collision RecoveryWe have a network of smash repairers who will both repair your vehicle and pay for E C Legal to recover the damages at no cost to you.

How It Works

First you need to decide whether to make a claim on your own insurance or instruct E C Legal to make a claim on the offending party and/or their insurance company.

When you are ready to make a claim on the offending party and/or their insurance company, complete the E C Legal motor claim instruction form which can either be done online or can be downloaded and completed by hand and faxed or emailed to E C Legal.

On receipt of those instructions, E C Legal will start the process of making contact with the offending party and their insurance company and will liaise direct with your repairer to arrange for assessment by an independent expert as well as by assessors on behalf of the offending party’s insurance company.

Usually, liability for your damages is admitted by the offending party’s insurance company at an early stage and the only issue to be dealt with is the fair and reasonable cost of repairs and any replacement vehicle. Once liability is admitted, your repairer will complete the repairs and provide the invoices for the cost of repairs to E C Legal.

E C Legal will negotiate with the offending party and or their insurance company to attempt to settle your claim. If the settlement amount offered is less than the full cost of repairs, E C Legal will obtain agreement from your repairer to accept a lesser amount in full and final settlement before doing so.

The same process will apply to the cost of any replacement vehicle provided to you.

Unless you want to be involved in this process, we will deal directly with your repairer and replacement vehicle provider.

Assuming that liability for your damage is admitted by the offending party and/or their insurance company, we will settle your claim in a way that is acceptable both to your repairer and any replacement vehicle provider so you have no further liability to them. In the normal process, you probably won’t need to deal with us again. If the process departs from this normal course, we will contact you and seek your instructions.