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Client Statement

Telling us what happened is the most important part of preparing your case.

Download the E C Legal Statement of Events from here.

Complete it fully. Do not leave anything out. If in doubt about the relevance of something, put it in. Write the statement as if you were talking to a lawyer across the table and telling him or her what happened. Use your normal language (except if you swear a lot).

When it’s finished, send it to info@www.eclegal.com.au as a Word document. Do not change it to PDF or other format.

A sample of a statement of events is found here.

E C Legal will review the statement and confirm that it gives us an appropriate picture of what has occurred or provide advice of what needs to happen to get the statement into a usable format.

This will be done within three days of receipt of the statement.

Once E C Legal has confirmed that the statement is in an acceptable format, you will move on to the provision of documents.

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