The Firm

E C Legal is eCollect’s associated legal firm and is owned entirely by Pty. Ltd.

We are not a full service firm and concentrate our efforts on a relatively narrow range of services.

By doing this, our staff members deal with the same type of issues repeatedly which provides genuine experience. That experience means that E C Legal can provide advice with more accuracy and less cost.

E C Legal Pty. Ltd.
ACN: 050 271 684
ABN: 20 050 271 684

Registered Office: Level 9, 461 Bourke Street MELBOURNE VIC 3000
Principal Place of Business: Level 9, 461 Bourke Street MELBOURNE VIC 3000

NSW Office: Level 6, 115 Pitt Street SYDNEY NSW 2000
Queensland Office: Level 18, 333 Ann Street BRISBANE QLD 4000

Telephone: 03 8611 2666
Fax: 03 8611 2699

The preferred method of communication for all general correspondence is to