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Borrowing & Lending

Lenders advice & documents

E C Legal will advise borrowers and guarantors on the nature and effect of proposed loan documentation

E C Legal has extensive experience in the private lending industry

Lenders Advice & Documents

E C Legal practice extensively in the private lending industry and have the knowledge and experience to create a bespoke loan package which will protect your interests.

If you are thinking about lending money as an investment or to a friend or family member, contact E C Legal for no obligation free advice where we can outline to you the various options and help you to navigate the legal system, various credit codes and regulations and assist in registering and protecting your interests.

Borrowers Advice & Solicitor Certificates

E C Legal regularly advise borrowers and guarantors on the nature and effect of proposed loan documentation, your obligations under the loan agreement and the likely consequences should the loan go bad for any reason.

Once we have given you the advice, we will provide a Solicitors Certificate and other documents that are required by the lender to complete the loan transaction.

We usually provide this service for a fixed fee depending upon the size and complexity of the loan.

The consultations occur at our office in the Melbourne CBD or we can arrange to come to you for an additional cost.

The fees below assume that all parties speak English as a first language. Where we have any doubt about this, we will arrange for an independent, accredited interpreter to attend at cost to you.