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Let’s Get Started

Are you serious about starting a claim?

E C Legal is prepared to look at your claim and provide you with a written legal opinion about your prospects of success and what needs to be done to maximise them. We will tell you what you are likely to spend with us in acting on your behalf

E C Legal will do this without any obligation for you to continue but only if you are serious about putting in the necessary time and effort to allow E C Legal to see the whole claim in as much detail as possible. This is going to require some work by you.

Whether you use E C Legal or some other firm, you are going to need to get all the material about your case together and ready for your lawyers to look at before the case starts. Whatever opinion E C Legal gives you about your prospects of success will be based on the material you provide us. The more detail that is included, the more likely we are to predict accurately what is going to happen.

If you’re not serious about starting the claim or if you don’t have the desire to do the hard work now, then don’t waste your time or ours.

Even with E C Legal working with you, you need to be aware that litigation is not a nice business. It is stressful and tiresome, often long, and usually difficult to bring to a satisfactory conclusion. The first step is for you to be sure that you are prepared to go through to the end of the process if needed. If the other party is unwilling or unable to make an acceptable offer to your claim then the litigation will need to go through to a hearing before a court or tribunal at which you may be required to appear. If you have any doubt about your ability to take the matter to completion then you should not start.

Yes, I am serious.

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