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Claim Preparation Requirements

E C Legal and our associated debt recovery business eCollect have handled a very large number of claims where our clients are seeking money for something that has gone wrong in a business deal. We have done thousands of such claims but each new claim has its own special set of facts. Our experience in this area has allowed us to create a process where E C Legal can provide a recommendation and proposal for your claim without obligation to continue. If you do not want to accept our proposal, we will cease action with no charge to you.

E C Legal has created this web-based claims process to allow us to get the necessary information to advise you on the likely prospects of success in the claim for the minimum possible cost. It takes you through the steps required to get your case as well prepared as possible before we begin looking at whether or not it’s going to succeed. It’s designed for you to do the work yourself with minimal involvement by the E C Legal staff members until they have the entire case before them. This is the least expensive way of letting E C Legal do our best work for you at the lowest possible cost.

If you want to talk about the case before you finish providing the documents via this claims process, E C Legal is always ready to do so. However, there will be a cost to you based on the hourly rates of our staff shown on their staff profiles. See Our Staff.

Our experience is that discussions with our lawyers before they have all the facts before them are generally a waste of time and money. We understand that you want to know what’s likely to happen and how much it is likely to cost. Predicting the outcome of litigation is difficult at any time but even more so when all the facts are not on the table. You have already confirmed that you are serious about putting in the necessary time and effort to prepare your claim. Let us guide you in doing this.

Most people should be able to complete the claims process without the need for any assistance by our staff members. Some people want to discuss what they need to do to provide the documents for us and, if there is uncertainty about this, it is worthwhile spending a small amount of money to have a personal discussion with one of our staff members.

E C Legal can do some limited searches about the credit worthiness of the defendant. We will need to charge for this. To see details of the possible searches and the cost, click here.

You will need access to a computer with an email address and a scanner that can scan documents in PDF format.

For E C Legal to provide the best possible assessment of your claim, we need:

Whilst it is possible to do each of these three tasks at once, we think it’s better to do one at a time.

E C Legal will provide directions on how to prepare this information.

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